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Card Games in Flash

On this page you’ll find a lot of flash games that you can play directly in your browser. All games are free of charge.

A funny poker game where you play five card draw against Ed the Cowboy. 174 KB Play now
Baccarat Table is basically what it says – a game of baccarat. 222 KB Play now
Play black jack at the beautiful Dream Beach Casino. 341 KB Play now
Another black jack game where you have 1000 credits to gamble. 55 KB Play now
Beat the clock and try to make as many combinations and triple cards as possible. 931 KB Play now
Similar to video poker, with the exception that you play three hands instead of one. 583 KB Play now
The best known solitaire game. 93 KB Play now
An adventure game where you have to poker your way up as you try to become the governor of poker. 6382 KB Play now
In this blackjack-like card game you need to gather as many points as possible to beat your opponents. 618 KB Play now
A variant of video poker where you have 999 credits to start with. 150 KB Play now
Use special cards to beat the computer in this modified solitaire game. 174 KB Play now
To win in this game you have to get rid of all 52 cards by pairing those that add up to 13. 450 KB Play now
Race your bike around the track by winning parts of the race. 216 KB Play now
Prove that you have what it takes to win, but whatever you do don’t lose your pokerface. 163 KB Play now
Yet another video poker game where the lowest payout is One Pair for 5 credits and the highest the Royal Flush for 5000 credits. 205 KB Play now
In Poker Slots you’ll get paid for hitting certain combinations. In essence it’s a 5-reel slots machine that features poker cards instead of the usual sevens, cherries and the likes. 39 KB Play now
Try to hit the Royal Flush to cash in 1000 credits. 106 KB Play now
The solitaire game that got popularized in the 90ies by Microsoft. 514 KB Play now
A member of the solitaire family. 94 KB Play now
A solitaire game where the cards are laid down as a pyramid-shaped tower. 94 KB Play now
A game similar to Klondike Solitaire. 122 KB Play now
The name of the game says it all – to win you have to be faster than your opponent. 234 KB Play now
Similar to Speed with the exception that you have only a 4 card hand at all times. 39 KB Play now
Another solitaire game that comes with Windows. 455 KB Play now
Another solitaire game that comes with Windows. 205 KB Play now
Play Carribean Stud Poker against the dealer. 77 KB Play now
A black jack game with stunning graphics. 298 KB Play now
A simple game where you have to pay attention and guess where the queen of hearts is to win the game. 1504 KB Play now

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