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Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is a popular solitaire card game where the player moves cards to the foundation if the value of the card in the foundation is one higher than or one lower than the value of the card the player wants to move.

When playing Solitaire Golf, 35 cards are dealt from the deck into 7 columns (tableau) of 5 cards each. The remaining deck is placed below next to the foundation. The player may then pick a card from the deck, or from the lowest 7 cards in the columns to begin. After the first card is chosen, the player moves cards from the lowest card in each column that has a value that is one more or one less than the card showing face up in the foundation. The player attempts to move as many cards as possible to the foundation from the columns. If the player cannot find an appropriate card in the columns, he may take another card from the deck and to put on the foundation.

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