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The web is huge, and therefore - to make it easier for you to find relevant sites - I’ve listed some good sites about card games here.

The realms of gaming has much more to offer than just card games. Here are links to sites about PC games.

http://www.damn-gaming.com - PC games and reviews.

http://worldofsolitaire.com - World of Solitaire.

http://www.playsupergames.net - Play Super Games.

http://www.superpelit.net - Super Pelit.

http://www.cardgamesweb.com - Card games Web.

http://www.megagigagames.org - Mega Giga Games.

http://www.macgamingbeat.com - Mac Gaming Beat.

http://games.aarp.org/category/card - Card puzzles.

https://www.solitairecardgames.com/ - Solitaire Card Games.

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